Thursday 13 December 2018

Surrounded by retards

"We were the Leopards, the Lions; those who'll take our place will be little jackals, hyenas; and the whole lot of us, Leopards, jackals, and sheep, we'll all go on thinking ourselves the salt of the earth.")” 
― Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, The Leopard

I'll be straightforward. The simple truth of this world goes like this: there are two main types of humanoids on this Earth. Like wasps and bees, they look quite alike. Yet, like wasps and bees, in their essence, they have fuck all to do with one another. Most humans (humanoids) are gentle-natured (keyword gentile). They are also productive and hardworking. Their hallmarks are labour and sacrifice (all too often this means literal sacrifice). On the other hand, fewer humans (humanoids) are just the exact opposite. They are natural born predators who lack the initiative and the resources to build anything. Their sole purpose is to keep the first group under constant check.

The entire mechanism of all life in this world is based on striking a balance across the food-chain. In this strange kingdom where the Grim Reaper is King, every living thing has to pay a tribute for its existence:

" Whence things have their origin, 
Thence also their destruction happens, 
As is the order of things; 
For they execute the sentence upon one another 
- The condemnation for the crime - 
In conformity with the ordinance of Time."


Therefore trying to expose the EVIL nature of this world, is both obvious and pointless. Instead I will limit myself to exposing the TRUTH; for LIES, as opposed to murder, are not necessarily inherent to the workings of the world. Lies stifle the natural instincts of the prey. They make them docile and even friendly towards their predators. Lies "lie" at the foundation of the human farm; of any one farm. The lie that preys and predators can happily coexist until such time when the prey has to serve its final purpose.

You see? Lies upset the balance of the world. Cunning predators have managed to have their food served right to their doorsteps. All they have to do is to build their big concrete traps filled with neon lights and clinky noises to attract their game.

In the natural world not all preys are doomed to die in a violent manner, some starve, some get sick, some die of old age. Homogeneity is only a feature of a farm. In a farm, every farm animal is bound to be slaughtered with little or no exception, in a farm every animal of the same species is fed the same grain, at the same time. This makes life boring and predictable such is the life you are likely experiencing now. An easy life and a dear price to pay in the end.

And I will not go as far as to call you retards, or will I? I mean, it is blatantly obvious that this an accurate portrait of the reality you are in. There are literally thousands of websites and videos exposing the various atrocities which confirm what I am explaining. You have to know this already and agree to be a part of it. For how long can you fool yourself? Forget your parents and the lives they lived. They were part of the long con. They were used to lure you as they do with cattle and their offspring.  It seems to me that the rule they follow is to skip every other generation or so. Then it is harvest time again. You are, therefore, the next harvest.

I am not offering salvation but redemption. Even if the entire herd is warned right in time, they will still die. The total numbers won't make much of a difference. The balance is not upset because predators are too many and too powerful, which they are. The balance was upset because greedy predators bred too many preys all at once. So, one way or another, they have to go now.

I am still unsure about the path I will follow with this new attempt at this blog. As we speak, there are loads of disinfo agents working for the predators, feeding the catle half truths which will lead them straight into the abattoirs right before they are fully awake. I think I will strive to give that much needed extra turn of the screw. The bit the other truthers (agents) intentionally left out. The one which completes the puzzle. Don't get me wrong. You have been warned PLENTY. My suggestion is that you go again over all the existing information. Research topics such as Cannibalism, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Witchcraft, Weather manipulation, Famine, Financial meltdown, and so on. Then come back for more.